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Based on 20 reviews
Soul Singapore
Made my life easier

I am mom of two, to a clingy infant and an active toddler. Soul has made my life so much easier when we’re out. It keeps my hands free so I would be able to hold on to my daughter while my baby sits comfortably in the carrier. Thanks to Soul AseemA carrier, I am able to carry my 3 year old daughter when she just feels like being carried. I have to admit, Soul carrier’s sleepy dust IS REAL. I am still amazed that my daughter could quite easily fall asleep in it! And my baby will ALWAYS fall asleep when he’s in the Soul carrier. I get to shop while he’s asleep! I really liked how there’s a lumbar support that comes with then AseemA. Makes babywearing very much comfortable for me!

Soul Singapore
Sleepy dust is real!

Carrying little one has been a breeze. Simple, straight forward and light. The down side, baby falls asleep too quickly in the carrier! 😂

We can't do without our carrier

Parents to identical girls. Soul have helped us out in so many ways! Our hands are totally full with these 2. Our new "handbag". Our soul carrier. Our girls . Couldn't do it without the carrier. Sometimes I baby wear when I need to cook. Love it too when the hubs is wearing it together with me.

Soul Singapore
Loving my Aseema!

Being a first time parent, you'll feel very lost and insecure. Not sure if you've done the right thing for your baby. Many things need to be done while looking after your little one. There is also loads of things to bring along when you bringing your little one out. I have weak lower back and it is difficult to carry or hold my boy for long. However, thankfully with Aseema I can carry him and walk around for long hours with a better support to my back. This helps me a lot and I could free my hand to do other things as well. My boy can sleep comfortably in it too! Totally love Aseema!!

A Comforting Carrier

Both my girl and I have the same carrier, I carry her while she carried her best friend a chameleon. Our favourite carrier of all time is a soul carrier, most worthy and comfortable carrier ( carry till colour fade and super soft, I wanted to change to toddler carrier but she still prefer this). We carried for almost 3yrs and purposely get the same design, we travelled together to every country we visited and I remember for a week in Taiwan, she was so comfy in the carrier, I carried her for almost 9hr walking everywhere, nap and snacks in there. This was also the carrier that bring her comfort in every hospital visit where it comfort her fear and make her sleep every night.

Thank you Soul

When Hannah was born, I couldn’t stop holding her. Was looking for a good carrier to keep her close to me. Then the Aseema caught my eyes cause of the flexibility to carry from newborn to toddler. Even her grandpa approves it! Not forgetting the sleepy dust! (Like how?!) Ever since then, we had been using the carrier for our outings & overseas trips. Thank you Soul SG for keeping Hannah close to us till today!

Our Everyday Companion

Soul has given me the confidence to bring my baby out on my own, as a FTM I didn't think I would be able to handle a baby, a big diaper bag all while taking public. But babywearing made it possible to be independent.

As a working mom, I have to send her to grandma's house, and our everyday companion is our Soul carrier. It's a twenty minute walk by the park connector and its a great bonding moment before I have to leave her for work.

Bf-ing in my carrier is the best skill I acquired. We managed an entire Penang trip just nursing her in my Soul.And as someone with an above average bust, I find the AseemA is the only one that's comfy for me to nurse her in due to the Perfect Fit Adjuster. That part makes it so easy for me to loosen the carrier and latch her on. Best thing ever.

Soul Singapore
Sarah Zaihan
Soul Carriers are a part of our lives

We first discovered Soul under three years ago, and it has since become a huge part of our daily lives. From household chores to travelling, Soul has been there each step of the way, helping us keep our baby close. My girl has been in the Aseema, standard and is now comfortably in a toddler carrier. Soul has allowed different caregivers to bond with our children as well. With the arrival of the newborn, the Aseema is our go-to carrier, and lets us manage the toddler with greater ease.

You can never have enough carriers!

I have been interested in baby wearing ever since I got pregnant. So I went and did my research.. Chanced upon Soul and my eyes lit up!

I went to the fair and bought my first Anoona after which you know..turned to carrier number 2 and 3...and you will never have enough carriers 😂Brought my Soul carriers for our trips..definitely life saviour 😍 Did model gig for Soul twice and it was a great experience as my husband is an awesome baby wearer hehe.. Up till son turning 3 next month and still using Standard full buckle or Onbuhimo for him☺️

Soul Singapore
Nina Azmi
Love Soul!

Soul has eased my parenting journey. Gives me convenience. Allows me to be hands free so I can do my housework or work on my laptop when I am working. Helps me keep Adrian close when travelling. My first ever product from Soul was the Prism Joy ring sling

Love my Soul!

My Soul carriers have brought me ease in bringing both my babies out and even at home when i need to cook. When my babies are feeling too clingy, i will carry them while i cook or as I'm doing my chores. We even used our Soul carrier during our overseas trip! For now, I’m enjoying my Aseema and soon will get the Toddler buckle once my infant outgrows his Aseema.

Soul carriers are my saviour!

I am a SAHM of 2 toddlers who are turning 3 and 2 respectively this year. I love bringing them out. We used to go out to meet my friends for lunches, dinners or desserts, play dates, walk around the airport etc. With so much movement, I don’t like bringing the pram. Soul carrier was my savior!

When they are unwell, nothing beats meds + Soul Carrier to put them to sleep in comfort. My carriers have seen them both through growth spurts, fevers, flus and HFMD!