Newborn Carriers - Customers' Choice

Based on our years of interaction with customers and understanding their needs and requirements, here we list carriers which are popularly chosen for newborn.

  • The buckle carriers have adjustment features to fit newborns and able to size up as baby grows. It also does not need any infant insert. 
  • The ring slings and wraps are of the lightest and thinnest material so it's comfortable to wear anytime of the day. 

Click here to read on How to Choose a Baby Carrier for Newborn.

These links will take you to our YouTube channel which demonstrates how to wear each of these carrier with a newborn.

What are the benefits of each of the above carrier?

AseemA (0 - 4 years old)

  • firm waistband for a more structure feel and support especially when carrying chubby-whubby babies.
  • long shoulder strap to provide more cushion for caregivers with wide shoulder and taller torso (or size L and bigger)
  • base can be extended to 19" that can support up to 4 years old. 
  • easy to breastfeed and bottlefeed by using the PFA function or loosen the shoulder straps

AnoonA (0 - 2 years old)

  • soft and compact structured carrier that feels light on body
  • add lumbar support for additional lower body support 
  • body panel is adjustable to fit any growing baby during the first 12 months 
  • has 5 carrying positions: newborn, toddler, forward facing, side/hip and back carry
  • easy to breastfeed and bottlefeed by loosening the shoulder straps

Ring Sling 

  • folds small and easy to take anywhere
  • has less material around body; makes the carrying experience light and cool
  • able to carry newborn till toddler 
  • can double up as stroller cover, nursing cover or blanket when not in use
  • easy to breastfeed and bottlefeed by loosening the material at the rings


    • it's long and super versatile!
    • folds like a towel and compact for storage
    • with the right technique you can carry your newborn till as old as 6 years old
    • can be used for any carrying positions including burb hold
    • has no hardwares
    • easy to breastfeed and bottlefeed