6 - 18 months

This collection features carriers that will fit most 6 months baby onwards, and possibly beyond 18 months. Here are the unique features of the carrier types which we have listed here:

  • RING SLING: folds small and compact so it is easy to carry everywhere. Suitable for parents who goes out with a stroller or requires a carrier on standby for quick up. 
  • WRAP: a versatile piece of fabric which allows your to carry baby in any position with optimum support. 
  • ANOONA: the only forward facing carrier in our collection. Can be used from newborn and has a total of 5 carrying positions.
  • ASEEMA: a favourite among the plus size parents for its thicker paddings and lumbar support. Have been tested to fit up till 4 years old too. 
  • BASIC (Size 1): an easy buckle-and-go carrier. Folds compactly to bring along for any outing. 

Read Choosing a carrier for your Toddler to see how a 12 months old toddler fit into 3 different carriers.