Part 2: Down Syndrome Scare Pregnancy

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Doula Fadilah asked Nishah, being a subsidised paitent, why she felt she was being treated differently. She felt that her emotions were not taken care of. The way they delivered the news about the down syndrome care was very clinical. There was no personal touch or empathy shown towards her. She felt that the medical professionals were very insensitive having asked her time and time again if she wanted to keep her baby. The questions continued till she was 9 months pregnant! There was a lack of support for her. 

How did Nishah wish the doctors treated her and her scare? She would have appreciated it if the doctors provided her with more information regarding her scare. Talking through the Down Syndrome markers with her so that Nishah understood what was going on. Allowing her to ask questions and being more informed about the development of her baby. Instead, she heavily had to rely on Google for any information. 

In the wee hours of the morning on a Friday, Nishah felt that it was time for her to give birth. She fetched up her mom and headed to the hospital. Instead of bringing her to the delivery suite, she was brought to the triage, her doubts came back when this happened. She was not able to have the gas and she was only 4cm dilated. 20 minutes later, after going to the delivery suite, she was 7cm dilated and ready! Nishah delivered her baby girl in 25minutes. She told her husband to take their baby first and to inform her what the result of the scare was. She needed to mentally compose herself. 

Immediately after pushing her baby out, Nishah kept asking her husband how their baby was. Their midwife commented “Baby is okay”. This was when Nishah’s husband informed their midwife that doctors said there was a 50-50 chance that their child would have Down Syndrome. The midwife was confused and said that their baby was perfectly fine and immediately put the baby on Nishah’s chest. After going to her computer to check and there were no records about Down Syndrome scare. However, the midwife came back to Nishah and informed her that she needed to take the baby for some testing. Click here and listen further to find out what happened.

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