Part 1: Down Syndrome Scare Pregnancy

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Pregnancy scares, after birth complications, health scare. We have all had our fair share of scares during pregnancy and after birth. 

Doula Fadhilla shared a scare that her sister-in-law had. It was suspected that her unborn child might have Down Syndrome and a test, Aniocentesis, was done on her. This is where a sample of the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus is withdrawn through a needle that is inserted into the mother’s uterus. This test is usually performed in the second trimester. Another test that can be performed is known as Chorionic villus sampling (CVS), where cells are taken from the placenta and used to analyze the fetal chromosomes. This test is usually performed in the first trimester. Thankfully,her baby was perfectly fine. The worst part was the waiting time for the results!

At the 5th month of pregnancy, Nishah, a preschool educator and mother of 4, went to do the growth scan. They were extremely thrilled when they found out the gender. Nishah was alerted then the scan got intense as they kept on scanning her belly over and again. She was brought over to another room with more sophisticated scanning equipment. The nurse then did the scan again and mentioned that the baby was facing down and she could not check. Nishah’s husband asked the nurse what she was looking out for. The nurse replied “Baby’s nasal bone”. 

Nishah was told to go for a walk and come back for a scan again. That was when Nishah googled the reason why the nurse wanted to check for the baby’s nasal bone. It was linked to Down Syndrome. An hour later, they managed to see the baby's nasal bone, but was concerned as it was measuring small. After the third scan, she was in the doctor’s room with 3 other doctors to tell her the results. Nishah was told that she had a 50-50 chance of having a child with down syndrome and that she was placed under high risk.

She was sent to a counsellors room. She expected someone would console her and make her feel better, however, she was given the names of the test that she could do and the cost of each test was brought forward to her. Calling her husband crying, he told her to not do the test and to meet him. She felt that she was getting a cold treatment from the counsellor. The idea of abortion was given to her and that was what was running through her mind the rest of the day. 

She went through 3 scans within 6 hours. Having lost her aunt who was a mother to a 6 year old, weighted on her decision to abort her own. She did her research, but focused more on the negative outcome. Every subsequent monthly check-up, the same question was brought up “Are you going to keep this baby?” This was giving her additional stress. She turned to her faith to seek some answers.  Why did she not do the test? What happened to Nishah? How did she manage to pull through her pregnancy scare? Click here to find out!

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