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Click here to listen to NurJanna Ng, Certified Babywearing Educator,  Doula Fadilah Yusope of Birth Mayya and Khatim Hamidon, President of Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group in Singapore, come together through a conference call to talk about Babywearing and breastfeeding during Covid-19.

To answer the popular question “Do I get a baby carrier before or after I give birth?”

Both have their own benefits. If you get your carrier before the baby is here, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the carrier. If you get your carrier after, you will be able to test the carrier out with the baby before purchasing. However due to the restrictions we have now due to Covid-19, it is ideal to do thorough research online and have your carrier ready before the baby is born. Click here to read our article on how to choose a carrier for your newborn

3 situations where babywearing will help

  • During your confinement, where you do not have a confinement nanny or have other family members who can give you an extra hand, your baby carrier will be your support system. It will allow you to take care of the baby while being hands free.
  • If your baby is super clingy and is not a fan of baby rockers, which is pretty normal, using the baby carrier will keep baby content while you go about your day.
  • When the baby only prefers to nap or sleep on your chest, you can put them in the carrier and can still move about. Baby will tend to sleep longer and you will have some time to yourself to relax. 

Carry on babywearing safely during this Covid-19 period

  • Have a separate carrier solely for outdoor use.
  • Wash your carrier after every outside use.
  • Carry baby facing inwards so that baby does not reach out to touch surfaces. It also limits the invitation for others to play with your child.
  • Do not touch the carrier often when you are outdoors

We talk more about babywearing during Covid-19 in another blog article. Click here to get more information.

Are you pregnant during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

  • Doula Fadillah urges for pregnant moms to continue to go for your antenatal appointments otherwise indicated.
  • If you think you are having Covid-19 systems, call your care provider and they will give you instructions on what to do
  • Eat healthy food and exercise when you can. You will need to remain healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy. Yoga, zumba, aerobics are great for pregnant ladies.
  • If you are a doula dependent, it may be possible to bring in your doula by call or conference. 
  • Avoid water birth. In case mom is confirmed to have Covid-19, the virus may be in the feces and will infect the baby

Should you breastfeed if you have Covid-19 and Benefits of breastfeeding.

  • Khatim Hamidon states that under the WHO recommendations, mothers who do have the virus should continue breastfeeding babies if they are able to as the breast milk actually has antibodies for the baby. 
  • When you breastfeed, there is skin to skin touch between other and child, this provides comfort and warmth to baby and clams them down.
  • Breast feeding during this pandemic is a form of food security. Your food source for babies is secured and you do not have to rely on stocks available at shops.

Continue listening to the podcast to find out more about breastfeeding and where you can get support to continue your breastfeeding journey.

Remember that you are not alone in this. Help is always a click away.

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