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With every pregnancy, be it your first or your third, you will not really know what is to come till your baby is with you. This is why it is important to attend classes and read up on what is to expect. 

Doula Fadilah starts this episode by explaining what one can expect when attending a birth class run by a doula. They share the same curriculum as the hospital, however doulas go deeper into the mental and emotional aspect of the mother’s preparation. They want you to have as much knowledge on pregnancy, birth plans, breastfeeding and fourth trimester preparations so that you can make a more informed decision. 

Hart, a father of 3, a photographer and a studio owner shares about his life as a stay at home dad for the past 12 years. Working in a Multi National Corporation for 3 years, Hart realized that the corporate world was not for him. He always had the passion for photography and decided to make it his career. He started off being a photographer for an interior company and transitioned to being a photographer for children’s birthday parties. 4 years into their marriage, Hart and his wife were ready to be parents. They started preparing and reading up on what to expect. 

With their first pregnancy, Hart’s wife focused on nutritious and organic meals that are high in fiber and good for both mummy and baby. Doula fadliah highlighted that this is an important reason to how they delivered their first child within an hour. Having a lot of sugar in your diet will cause a lot of inflammation in your body which will affect the thinning out of your cervix. The thinner the cervix the easier and faster your delivery will be. It is better to be off sugar, especially refined sugar, and substitute it with natural forms of sugar such as dates, berries and fruits. Most doulas focus on the thinnest of your cervix rather than the dilation. When your cervix is really thin, your dilation will speed up faster. 

How do men feel the moment they become a dad? Hart felt a mix of emotions of feeling proud, excited and nervousness. It was the first time he was going to hold his child and reality sunk in pretty quick. Over the years, he has faced different challenges. It was easier when his children were younger, they were easily entertained but now that they are entering their teens, it gets a bit more challenging to entertain them.

Hart feels that having 3 boys, it is important to educate them with life skills that they will bring forward in their adult life. Running a business with your spouse and handling 3 boys, Hart says that having open communication is essential. Click here and listen further to learn about the challenges he dealt with together with his wife.

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This podcast is facilitated by Nurjanna Ng, Director of Soul Singapore and Fadillah Yusope, Doula at Birth Mayya.


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