Comparing Our Ergonomic Newborn Carriers - AseemA and AnoonA

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We hear the word "Ergonomic" being used often in the baby carrier world. It simply means that a product has been refined for parents and caregivers to use.

An ergonomic baby carrier should provide good support for you and your baby.

Ergonomics for baby:

  • Support the baby's natural curved spine
  • Supports baby upright with head above the carrier panel
  • Does not cause baby to hyper-extend legs
  • Mimics baby’s in-womb fetal tuck position

Image taken by Medical News Today

Image taken by Medical News Today

Ergonomics for wearer:

  • Distributes baby’s weight evenly on wearer’s body
  • Provide sufficient support on areas that bears weight

Here at Soul Singapore, all our carriers are tested by ASTM International standards and are ergonomic. Apart from Wraps and Ring Sling, we also offer 2 soft structured carriers for newborn:, AnoonA and AseemA. Let’s get to know these carriers better.




Age recommendation

3kg Newborn - 4 years old

3kg newborn - 2 years old

Panel Base setting

Limitless using velcro

3 settings using buttons

Panel Height setting

Limitless using sliders

2 settings using webbingsWi

Carrying positions

  • Newborn Carry
  • Toddler Carry
  • Back Carry
  • Newborn Carry
  • Toddler Carry
  • Front Facing Out
  • Side/Hip Carry
  • Back Carry.

Shoulder straps

“H” & “X” 

“H” & “X” 


  • Detachable Pouch
  • Detachable Hood
  • Detachable Lumbar Support
  • Attached Pouch
  • Detachable Hood

Relevant add on accessories

  • Drool Pads
  • Lumbar Support
  • Drool Pads

Tutorial Videos

If you need more information, PM us at our socials or Whatsapp at +65 8522 5595. 

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