How to Choose a Baby Carrier for Newborn

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It is important for a newborn to feel the closeness of mummy and daddy as much as possible during early days. What better way to have this closeness and still be able to get other necessary stuff done at the same time.

Here are a few things you will need to know when choosing a carrier for your newborn

1. Ideal Carrier Size

  • Ensure that the soft structured carrier you choose is recommended for Newborn onwards. It generally starts from 3kg onwards.
  • There are 2 types of soft structured carriers. An adjustable soft structured carrier or carriers which are designed to be used with an insert. 
  • AnoonA and AseemA does not require inserts.
  • Click here for a comparison.
  • Newborns will sink inside the carrier if it is too big and hyper-extend their legs

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This is how a newborn fits into a right sized carrier

  • Babies who are 3kg and above, will fit into our soft structured carrier and should not sink in. The body panel is adjustable so that it supports the baby in an ergonomic “M” shape position.
  • For preterm babies, do seek advice from your doctor when the baby is ready for an upright position. To cradle a preterm baby, ring sling may be the best option.

2. Ideal Ergonomic Position

  • Natural “C” shaped spine 
  • Body panel is soft and moulds around spine
  • Supports ‘M’ shape sitting position this means baby is supported knee to knee with their bottom lowered
  • Promotes healthy spine and hip development
  • It is a similar position where they are in the mother’s womb
  • Benefits of being in an upright position:
- Newborn is closer to chest and can hear the heartbeat
- Stimulates vestibular system as baby moves with wearer
- Helps with having a good digestive system and reduces colic
- Head will be above carrier and air passageway is clear
- Promotes breastfeeding as baby is closer to mother’s chest

3. Type of Carriers 

A newborn baby may grow 4 times their size in 12 months. You may want a carrier that grows with a baby. These are the options Soul has:

  • Soft structured carrier (AseemA & AnoonA): Has 3 components: waistband, body panel and shoulder straps. It also has buckles and webbing to help you adjust the settings easily. There are techniques on adjusting your carrier so that you will be comfortable while babywearing. Ask us! 
  • Ring slings: It is a one shoulder carrier  and looks very similar to the traditional Indonesian carry - sarong. A big favourite among mom’s with newborns as it is easy to use and remove quickly.
  • Woven wraps: comes in various lengths but we recommend using one that is about 4.2m for beginners. It has similar support to a soft structured carrier but does not have hardwares. The basic technique Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is able to carry a newborn up till 4 years old.

We've list our customer's preferred baby carrier for newborns here for your easy selection, and this video demonstrates how to use the 4 carriers with a newborn

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